Simulated Moving Bed

Chromatographi, Process control, Matlab, ActiveX, DAQ, LabVIEW

Surroundings: For a continuous multi-column chromatographic process, a university needed an experimental plant.

Aim: To control the experimental plant with a course of event protocol, together with data acquisition and data analysis. A speciality is the embedded Matlab control algorithm, that can be adapted online.

Our contribution: Software concept and development.


Article and speach

  • Online optimisation and feedback control of a SMB plant: a LabVIEW Matlab procedural implementation
  • M. Lawrence, G. Erdem, S. Abel, M. Morari, M. Mazzotti, M. Morbidelli, L. Jensen
  • Munchen, Virtuelle Instrumente in der Praxis, pp. 241-247, Begleitband zum Kongress VIP 2004. ISBN 3-7785-2932-3


  • Control of a chemical plant, optimized by LabVIEW code review
  • S. Abel, G. Erdem, M. Lawrence, ETH, Zürich – L. Jensen, ALEA Solutions GmbH, Zürich
  • NI-Day 2003